Do you wish you could simply dictate your thoughts into the air ... and they'd magically become a blog?

Do you need persuasive content to increase sales or move your audience in a certain direction?

Most importantly ... do you have TIME for any of this?

What People Say About Paul

Aaron Walker

Founder/President, View From the Top and Iron Sharpens Iron Mastermind

Brian McRae

CEO at BKM, Inc. - Coaching, Masterminds and Mortgage Lending

Bill Sturm

COO, Rausch Sturm Israel Emerson & Hornik LLP - Law Firm

Charlie Cichetti

CEO, Sustainable Investment Group & GBES

Jarrod Graetz

CEO, PositiveMedia - Christian Radio in Melbourne, Australia

Luis Diaz

Founder & CEO, Podcast Domination - Podcast Agency

Dr. Andy Garrett

Licensed Psychologist, CEO at AG-Thrive Inc. - Life Coach

David Hancock

Founder & CEO, Morgan James Publishing - Fiction / Non-Fiction 

John Murphy

CEO, John Murphy International - Executive Coach

Frequently Asked Questions

These are some of the questions people most frequently ask:

How Much Do You Charge For Content on Retainer?

Minimum is $3500/month. Example client includes:

  1. 2 weekly blogs, including SEO keywords (yours OR we research and gather for you)
  2. 2 monthly blogs with header images and captions
  3. 8-10 monthly social media posts
  4. 8-10 monthly snippet-memes
  5. Integrated, done-for-you uploads with links, embedded images and photo credits ... simply review and click "PUBLISH"!

What's Your Average Project Length?

  • Books 45-90 Days, depending on length
  • Funnel Build 45-90 Days
  • Online Course 30-60 Days

How Much Do You Charge For A Book?

  1. $20k - research, ghostwriting, copy edit, publish and print, word count 50k or less
  2. $25k - complete book publishing with bestseller marketing
  3. Over 50k word count - negotiated

What Does Your Book Fee Include?

In exchange for our fee, you get (or get back):

  1. The TIME you would lose doing it yourself
  2. Context, tone, sequencing, arranging, tonality and everything else you forget to include when writing by yourself
  3. Thorough up-front RESEARCH of avatar reader's pain points, misunderstandings, complaints and frustrations
  4. Copy written in your voice, speaking directly to PROSPECT'S needs and wants
  5. Strategic title selection, cover design, copy editing, formatting, uploading to Amazon (trust me, it's not fun)
  6. Marketing to bestseller status, podcast bookings, assistance with book signings and launch parties

Consulting also available for partial / revamping projects.

What Does Your Funnel Fee Include?

  1. Copywriting Brief - avatar analysis, assessment and strategy
  2. Social Media Posts
  3. White Papers / PDF
  4. Ad Copy
  5. Sales Funnel Copy - main page, upsell/downsell, thank you, check-out pages
  6. Blogs / Articles - 1200-2000 words each
  7. Email sequences - nurture, follow-up
  8. 10x10 / FAQs. 

Consulting is also available for partial / revamping projects.

Isn't There A Less Expensive Option?

Plenty ... just not this one. We do not do projects "just to make a sale." Writers and marketers owe it to clients to produce return on investment of marketing dollars.


Why Hire A Ghostwriting Agency?

If you think about it, you've already done plenty of "ghostwriting" yourself.

Every time you've made a great impression on a client or referral partner who recommends you to their network, you have become like a "ventriloquist" - other people are carrying your message to the market.

Only they're doing it EVEN BETTER, because they've worked with you or benefited first hand from your expertise and experience.

The same is true in reverse. Every time you've recommended someone you know for their business, you have acted as their "ghostwriter."

Paul mixes strengths as a mimic and professional writer with extensive background in coaching, masterminds and discipleship environments. From this, he is able to capture the client's voice and produce volumes of done-for-you content clients can "plug and play."

If you desire to have a consistent, powerful impact on your audience ... if you want to persuade and articulate your ideas ... but you physically can't get to all of it - Paul can come alongside you and help you publish your wisdom. 

Meet the Family

It is said that he who finds a wife finds what is good, and obtains favor from God. One of Paul Edwards' earliest strategic partnerships was marrying his wife, Shannon, which produced sons Grant and Chase.

The story is full of the Kingdom's powerful resistance to everyday, accepted, worldly tradition. None of it makes sense unless you understand how the universe responds to a monastic heart, a magnanimous spirit and a marketable presentation. There was NO conventional game of cat-and-mouse, no competition, no dysfunctional dating and no hesitation in proceeding to marriage.

The family makes their home in Olympia, Washington, where they've lived since 2005.

Costa Rica family