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The outpost for young men in the worlds of tech, software, engineering and entrepreneurship to gather for authentic, transparent personal and professional growth!

"Do not fear, little flock; for your Father has been pleased to give you the Kingdom." - Luke 12:32

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If you seek to advance your career or start/grow a business in the fields of technology, IT, software development, web applications or cloud-based computing, this is the place to unite your biblical calling and purpose with the knowledge and skills you've acquired!

You may also be a good fit for this group if:

  • You serve in a civic/political, nonprofit, church/synagogue or senior management role where your annual income / salary exceeds 6- or 7-figure earnings and your responsibilities center around increasing revenue, either by yourself or via teams you oversee
  • You operate as an influencer, thought leader, public intellectual or spiritual content creator
  • You're a professional who builds strong connections with people wherever and with whomever you interact, and you're wondering how to get paid to do it on a more sophisticated level
  • Space is limited.
    We are accepting participants on a first come, first served basis.
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Meet Paul Edwards

If you meet Paul Edwards, you can bet that you'll soon be meeting other people you either already wanted to know, or didn't know you needed to meet. He's the author of the international bestseller, "Business Beyond Business," host of the "Influencer Networking Secrets" podcast and the founder of the Keys to the Kingdom Mastermind.

For nearly two decades, Paul has connected and built powerful relationships with people of multiple cultures, languages and in five different countries. He coaches and disciples entrepreneurs and tech professionals to position themselves for contentment, renewal, breakthrough and growth.

Paul melds the relentlessness of a soldier, the finesse of his European roots, the calm of an experienced sales professional and the monastic spirit of a Kingdom veteran to create a culture and environment for young men of faith and skill to retreat, restore, renew and reload.

Meet the Family

It is said that he who finds a wife finds what is good, and obtains favor from God. One of Paul Edwards' earliest strategic partnerships was marrying his wife, Shannon, which produced sons Grant and Chase.

The story is full of the Kingdom's powerful resistance to everyday, accepted, worldly tradition. None of it makes sense unless you understand how the universe responds to a monastic heart, a magnanimous spirit and a marketable presentation. There was NO conventional game of cat-and-mouse, no competition, no dysfunctional dating and no hesitation in proceeding to marriage.

As with good business, Paul and Shannon work continuously to improve not just what they do, but why and how they do it - the same strategy used to connect, disciple and coach clients in the Keys to the Kingdom Mastermind.