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The Lucky Titan Podcast | How to Leverage Your Worst Failures Into Your Best Wins

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It was a privilege to appear on the Lucky Titan Podcast with Josh Tapp! We had a fantastic discussion about my foremost area of expertise … FAILURE!

Josh did an outstanding job of probing for the gems of my book and podcast.

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Season #2:6 The Executive Code with Rick Watson



The most compelling executive in the room is the one fluent in both business relationships and technological process. We’re joined by one such executive in Rick Watson, now a freelance e-commerce consultant with RMW Consulting in New York City.

Rick spent his career ascending through working as a software engineer, then managing teams, then graduating to executive-level posts and eventually being promoted to CEO shortly after joining Merchantry as VP of Operations.


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Season #2:5 Podcasting in 2020 with Jordan Paris



We’re joined for this episode by Jordan Paris, host of Growth Mindset University, to discuss the booming business of podcasting in 2020. Jordan is a 22-year old author and former college athlete featured in Forbes, Men’s Health, Yahoo! Finance, Market Watch and NASDAQ.

Jordan founded the WordPress Rocketeer, where he focused on building engaging websites to launch his clients’ dreams to infinity and beyond. Now, he and his team shifted focus to marketing for...

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Season #2:4 The New American Dream with Chris Niemeyer



We’re excited to have with us Chris Niemeyer, one fourth of the Entrepreneurial Family Man Podcast and an advisor to entrepreneurs and executives to discuss the New American Dream.

 Chris and I got to know each other through our mutual friend, Patrick Antonucci of the Dad Hackers community. Originally, Chris had a successful career in San Diego as a fundraiser and organizer for the Republican Party. Then he had a dramatic career change and began Mission Travel, an...

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Compressing Files

I recently spoke with the leader of a thriving community outreach ministry.

There’s never just “one reason” for success or failure in business, ministry or career.

He mentioned, however, a strategy that was working wonders.

Volunteers and board members burn out quickly in nonprofit, charitable work.

Usually, the organization saddles them with too many duties.

Not this man. He told me, “I refuse to ask people to serve outside their spiritual gifts.

"If they’re...

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The Las Vegas Morning Blend


A privilege to appear alongside KTNV anchors JJ Snyder and Shawn Tempesta to discuss the power of the networking secrets I teach in "Business Beyond Business"!

We chatted about:

  • The role of effective communication in business
  • The 5 Tips of Networking with Dream Connections
  • How to build influence in the marketplace
  • How to deal with people saying "No" for entrepreneurs 

Tune in to KTNV for your latest Vegas news, sports and stories HERE:


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You Are NOT Your Customer

What do NASA, the NFL and the news all have in common, aside from beginning with the same letter?

None of them cater to YOU as the primary customer.

Oh, they have customers all right ... just not you. The average citizen.

To be clear: you are the consumer ... just not the customer.

Which begs the question ... do you know who YOUR customer is?

Take it from a guy who's wasted a LOT of time and money on chasing a customer he couldn't identify.

Life and business are much easier when you're...

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Season #2:3 How to Influence Your Executive Team with Brian Ahearn



Imagine yourself as an introverted, analytical type of person, like my guest Brian Ahearn of InfluencePEOPLE confessed to being. Now imagine you’re appointed CEO of a large company. How do you deal with all the alpha dog personalities at the helms of various departments?

Brian and I pieced together a coherent way of thinking about leading organizations where the heads frequently clash. It took us in some surprising directions. If you face similar circumstances or hear bits...

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Season #2:2 Using Tech to Make Investors



There’s nothing like seeing special interest walls crumble in the free market. DiversyFund founder and CEO Craig Cecilio and his team are doing just that, using technology to enable ordinary Americans to get into multi-family real estate investing for as little as $500.

Growing up in adverse circumstances, Craig dreamed one day of leveraging wealth and status not for himself, but to truly level the playing field and change the game for people in circumstances just like...

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Data vs Intuition

In 2001-02, Amazon watched its stock price tumble from $113 to just six dollars per share in the Dotcom Crash.

Steve Anderson, the author of The Bezos Letters, wrote that the person who seemed the least alarmed at the time was Jeff Bezos.

Amazon is famous for its obsession with customer data, analytics, measuring and numbers.

The company has entire departments dedicated to making sense of its enormous collection of data.

It may surprise you to discover that to Bezos, data is extremely...

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