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One Size Doesn't Fit .. At All

Wouldn't it have been nice to get a passing grade for truancy back in the day?

I remember the spring and summer of 1998 quite well ... I spent most of it ditching class.

But I had to show up enough times to at least get a "C" grade. So I went occasionally.

passing grade.gif

With my fifth-grader ending his elementary school years under the coronavirus cloud ... 

... we're witnessing the first case of truancy by the education system itself.

Our local districts announced kids would not return to class...

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K for Kharisma with Marion Cain



It’s time to inject some “Kharisma” into your business! Marion Cain, the Kharisma Coach, joins us for this special episode on stepping up your game on the public stage, and how it can transform and accelerate your professional life.

 Marion is an old friend from the Vince Del Monte 7-Figure Mastermind. We immediately hit it off as a pair of charismatic speakers, and in his workshops, Marion teaches the science and subtlety behind effectively projecting...

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Market Yourself, Not a Product - The Franchise Freedom Podcast

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To attract an audience these days, you need to concentrate on forming relationships with your target market. But, says Paul Edwards, that doesn’t mean simply blasting your message out on blogs, social media, etc.

Because all the likes, comments, or downloads you get likely aren’t very impactful in the grand scheme.

Paul, a bestselling author, podcaster, and content ghostwriter, says it’s not about the quantity of content you “pump out.”...

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How to Polarize for Success

I had a great time at Podfest in Orlando, Florida a couple of weeks ago.

It was a huge conference with opportunities to meet new people and catch up with friends.

As the event unfolded, I followed my typical strategic approach to networking. I found my tribe and leveraged introductions from them.

But something new started to happen as well. Something I hadn’t anticipated.

I received several unsolicited approaches from people who self-described as far more introverted than me.

initiating conversations.gif


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Your Authentic Growth Blueprint with Dr. Andy Garrett



Dr. Andy Garrett joins this episode to talk about his new online course, “Your Authentic Growth Blueprint.”

One of my top ghostwriting clients, Andy and I have collaborated on a lot of writing about the importance of identity and authenticity.

Having a strong, genuine blueprint of who you are and what your purpose will go a long way in becoming a magnet rather than remaining a pusher. 

“The very first question people hear in the course is, ‘Who Am...

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The Get Published Podcast with Paul Brodie

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In episode 505 of the Get Published Podcast, Host and 15-Time Bestselling Author Paul G. Brodie talks with Paul Edwards about the importance of hiring a team to market your book for the outcome that you are looking for.

Find out more about how we can help you Share Your Story at

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The Natural Born Coaches Podcast with Marc Mawhinney

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Paul Edwards is a professional ghostwriter for faith-based influencers, thought leaders, entrepreneurs and executives. He is the host of the Influencer Networking Secrets Podcast, and in 2019 he wrote the international bestseller, Business Beyond Business.

In this episode you’ll hear:

The way Paul recognized that building relationships was more than just getting business and sales

How he was forced to change his business relationship process after...

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The Lifestyle of Confession and Surrender

I recall advice that seemed wise when I first heard it. “Laugh,” my father told me, “and the world laughs with you. Cry, and you cry alone.”

Here’s another well-meant but misguided belief: “Never let ‘em see you cry.” Most men, especially, are raised that way.

These were the insipid sayings of a generation that drank the Kool-Aid, about themselves. They saw their ascendancy as messianic.

Their culture was based on appearances, positions, titles...

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The Entrepreneurial You Podcast with Heneka Watkis-Porter

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Paul is an international bestselling author, podcast host and mastermind leader. Husband, father and combat veteran. Paul connect young men in the worlds of software, tech and digital entrepreneurship to find their warrior tribes for personal and professional development.

 Show Notes

“You cannot do a kindness too soon because you never know how soon it will be too late.” —Ralph Waldo Emerson

Let’s face it, we constantly hear about winning at all cost...

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Hustle the Day Podcast with Trent Bray

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Paul Edwards is a recovering insurance salesman turned Mastermind Leader, author, and podcast host. He had an amazing experience of actually living with his mentor in his youth and served our country. So many experiences he is now sharing with others. Lots of value in this one! #hustletheday

Find Hustle Energy here:

Find Trent V. Bray here:

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