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Rolling Down Your Window In a Car Wash with Allen Arnold

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Is there a way to live chaos free in a world where chaos exists? That’s the question my guest set out to answer while writing his new book “Chaos Can’t”. My friend, mentor, and veteran of the publishing industry Allen Arnold joins me for Round 2 on the Influencer Networking Secrets Podcast. In times as chaotic as the ones in late 2020 and early 2021, Allen’s insight is invaluable. We’re going to look into the importance of bringing order, beauty, peace and stability inside ourse…

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CEO Diary - Day 12 - Sowing and Weeping


Sometimes, I like to think I know more about selling value than I actually do.

My first interactions with the concept came from the insurance world.

"Don't compete on price," my superiors would say. "Sell the value instead."

Their concept of "value" was as vague and meaningless as it sounded.

"We're a local agency," they'd say. "Tell them we're in their neighborhood."

I'd behold our 200 local competitors and think, "Are we the only game in town?"

"We're a Fortune 100 company" was another o…

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The Genius Extraction Method with Zach Lush

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Another round of Influencer Networking Secrets coming at you! Today, I’m joined by marketing master and former pro baseball player Zach Lush. Zach’s been able to find success in many arenas of life thanks to his attention to detail and relentless work ethic. He’s the definition of going “1 inch wide and 1,000 feet deep.” Today, we get in-depth on “Being a Magnet, not a Pusher,” which is covered in Influencer Networking Secrets the book. Getting crystal clear on who you’re ser…

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CEO Diary - Day 11 - Now and Later


How do you view it when you do everything "right," and it still doesn't work?

I had a big account in my sights. There wasn't a competitor anywhere nearby.

And yet, it didn't happen. What do you do with this, as a leader?

Interpreting these scenarios the wrong way can cause tremendous damage.

The day will come when I have a sales team. Right now, it's on me to make hay.

Days like this will influence how I impart culture to my future business developers.

What can you say, when it's a perfect…

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Marketing/Communications CEO Diary - Day 10 - Context


Can you tell when you're in the "target audience" of a message?

I mean, there are obvious situations everyone can discern.

I am not part of the target audience for Woman's Day magazine.

My sons, ages 12 and 10, are not poster boy readers for AARP magazine.

But other scenarios aren't so clear, especially for entrepreneurs and leaders.

Recently, I took part in a discussion group that made for a great example.

After three years of self-employment, I'm used to being the "rookie" in the room.

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Marketing/Communications CEO Diary - Day 9 - Affirmations


How often should a leader go through rituals of affirmation?

There I go, asking a question to which there's no singular answer.

Some say it's a daily thing, and most "experts" would agree.

definitely agree it's important to write down and verbalize your identity.

But I'm wary of verbal practices that gurus say you should do "every day."

Some daily habits can't (or at least shouldn't) wait until the next day.

You have to brush your teeth, put on clean clothes, comb your hair ...

... but …

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How To Turn Culture Around with Jarrod Graetz

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Jarrod Graetz, CEO of Positive Media in Melbourne, Australia is our guest today on Influencer Networking Secrets. He’s going to give us a look at what it takes to shift the culture inside a business. In order to “Be A Magnet, Not a Pusher” (a topic discussed in “Influencer Networking Secrets” the book) Jarrod and his team dig deep into what makes teams click. Take a listen and see:


  • Why you can’t simply “give orders” and expect people to change their behavior
  • How busin…

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Marketing/Communications CEO Diary - Day 8 - Expansion Team


Do you name things before they happen, or afterward?

Both work, in different situations. I have my fair share of "misnomers."

"Creative agency CEO" kept gnawing away at me ... because of the market.

The marketplace has a way of obliquely telling us what they want.

We simply choose to ignore them most of the time ... hence, we suffer.

We're surprised that what we consider our "magnum opus" ... can't draw flies.

But we fail to notice that the market seldom rejects us as people.

I've been to…

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Diary of a Creative Agency CEO - Day 7 - 60 to Zero


This past week, I interviewed a new prospective client as a podcast guest.

The subject was mindset, and all its subcategories we never think about.

I've learned mindset goes beyond "cognitive," or logic.

It's also physiological, neurochemical, social and linguistic.

Multidimensional, just like the human beings governed by it.

My guest said this is why we feel "exhausted" after learning new information.

We're causing our mindset to fire across multiple wavelengths.

Knowing this, it isn't h…

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Diary of a Creative Agency CEO - Day 6 - Reciprocity Hub


Something strange happens when I get in "flow state" networking.

I can only compare it to a boomerang shockwave.

When I'm out of alignment, I spend my days wishing it would happen.

But when I'm locked in and feeding this muscle, it gathers momentum.

I spent a few weeks building a stacked schedule for this current week.

Virtual groups, one-on-ones and follow-up calls with prospects and partners.

The planning heightened the anticipation, like a kid waiting for Christmas.

I became so preoccu…

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