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Fire Your Boss and Keep Your Job with Aaron McHugh

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 So you want to fire your boss, and according to most surveys, most bosses could at least use a pay cut.

Not so fast, argues Aaron McHugh, author of Fire Your Boss. In fact, in the chapter of his book we’re going to discuss, Aaron thinks you should keep your job … but fire your boss.

Aaron’s an executive coach and transformation specialist at Abernyk, a division of McKinsey and Company. He’s a master of teaching entrepreneurs, executives and teams...

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Your Schematic for High Level Connections with Adam Connors

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Back for the second time, we welcome Adam Connors, founder and CEO of NetWorkWise, to the Influencer Networking Secrets podcast. In this episode, we’ll chat about designing Your Schematic for High-Level Connections. 

As you’ll learn from NetWorkWise and in the pages of Influencer Networking Secrets (the book), there’s more to it than showing up and handing out business cards. Drawing on decades of experience, we’re going to break down the process,...

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How to Network with Dream Connections - Rule #5

There are many ways to start, continue or conclude a conversation.

Some of them depend on personality, or the surroundings you're in.

But who can resist a question? Especially one well-asked in good faith?

I've found a questioning "sequence," that works every time I try it.

But there's a way you do this, that requires self-discipline and patience.

Here's a shameless self-plug to a podcast interview I did about that.


What People Get Wrong About Interacting


Do you get bored of...

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Your Power with Words with Brian Kurtz

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Two professional communicators wander onto a podcast … what happens next?

Join me for a deep dive into becoming “Persuasive in Print,” the topic of the sixth chapter of “Influencer Networking Secrets” (the book), due out later this year. My guest is Brian Kurtz, author of “Overdeliver” and a career executive in the direct marketing giant, Boardroom Inc.

Brian’s nine principles of effective written communication and relatable...

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The Magic of the Mic with Luis Diaz

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An old friend in business and a master at strategy, promotion and production of podcasts, it’s a pleasure to welcome Luis Diaz back to the show to discuss The Magic of the Mic.

 Luis and I connected quickly in 2018 over our shared love of Pro Bono Publicity. It’s the process of selling through relationship,s by using one’s own platform to promote others instead of oneself.

 Looking over the changing landscape of how to launch a successful podcast in...

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How to Network with Dream Connections - Rule #4

Have you ever wondered why Dream Connections "don't network?"

I mean, they network ... but not at chamber forums or Rotary clubs.

They network among each other, much like highly skilled professionals do.

Leave aside time and the incongruence of mingling with part-time MLMers.

Isn't it a bit shallow of us to chalk it up to elitism or contempt for average joes?

It's time we probed deeper into the spiritual reality of this, if we want to overcome it.




Ok, a brief obnoxious...

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Curating Executive Masterminds with John Murphy

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Have you ever thought about the power and opportunity of curating a mastermind group of C-suite executives and business leaders? What sort of qualifications come to mind that you think you’d need to persuade them to join?

Executive coach John Murphy, founder of a mastermind called “A Life and a Living,” joins us to discuss the two edges of this sword. One is executive qualifications – it’s probably easier to do this if you’ve actually been a...

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How to Network with Dream Connections - Rule #3

The Scout: Keep Your Ear to the Ground

You know what's much easier than looking out for your own interests?

That's right. Looking out for someone else's interests instead.

It's the most counterintuitive thing in the world. The best way to look out

for "Number One" is to trust that God will provide someone to look out for

you, while you look out for one of His other children.


yes but.gif


 How, you ask? It's funny how much is right underneath our noses when

we're willing to take a look....

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Kingdom Driven Entrepreneur: Overcoming Egotism to Embrace God's Best in Business



This was one for the ages. Recorded just after the drought ended.

Can you remember when you finally stopped the bleeding, and started winning?

It was no coincidence to end up on the Kingdom Driven Entrepreneur Podcast.

My friend Shae Bynes did a wonderful job interviewing.

But to go before an audience of mainly fellow Christians and testify ...

... that this victory was primarily spiritual, over my pride and ego ...

... that was something else.

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A New Kind of Man Podcast - Networking Secrets

New Kind of Man.png


My friend Chad Zueck had some interesting questions during our interview.

I don't get many opportunities to tell the stories that make me who I am today.

"A New Kind of Man" describes it to a tee:

  • God’s blueprint for married life
  • How the Torah is the instruction for marriage
  • How God made man and women different
  • Proverbs 31:10-31 as a guide for men looking for a virtuous woman 
  • Army combat veteran in Operation Iraqi Freedom.
  • Paul’s fitness journey
  • 10...

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