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Capturing Your Profitable Voice: Monetize the Abundance In Your Head (Using a Little-Known Advantage)


Along the road to your success, you've acquired an unfair advantage.

Perhaps you started out by yourself, doing all the work in your organization.

Or maybe you entered it, carrying the burden of hope for a company in trouble.

Whatever the story, smart money would invest in building you as a leader.

Your hush-hush approach lets your work speak for itself, and it pays to know you.

You're a servant leader. Your story goes mostly untold, your secrets unexplored.

It's a matter of character for …

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The Dogfight For Human Attention with Wes Woodhouse

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Fellow military man and mastermind aficionado Wes Woodhouse joins me on this episode of Influencer Networking Secrets. Wes is driven to build up the next generation of leaders. With that goal in mind, he shows his peers and those under his command the value of attention to detail. Without such focus, fighter pilots are prone to mistakes. When you’re in a fighter jet battling the enemy, there’s no room for error. Wes is going to tell you how to bring your best self into any momen…

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CEO Diary - The NEW Nine-To-Five


It's fitting to write this on the occasion of Daylight Savings Day in 2021.

When I was young, the term "nine-to-five" was derisive, like a prison sentence.

Looking back on some of the jobs I did, there was a burden in such work ...

... but it's mainly self-imposed, if you ask me. American jobs are not slave labor.

In other words, the "prison camp" in which I labored was in my own mind.

I was the prisoner there ... but I was also the warden, and the guard.

Then I turned a corner in my early…

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How To Get Sin To Taste Bad with Reina Rose

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Reina Rose, author of the new book Sin Tastes Good, Nourishing Your Soul in An Empty Calorie World and hostess of the Soul Nutritionist podcast show on Roku is today’s guest on Influencer Networking Secrets. After years of running a nutrition and fitness business, Reina realized something about sin – it almost always tastes good. Pizza over salads. Laying around over active movement. It’s easy to give in, but the gold is found through discipline. Listen as we discuss


  • How y…

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How to Lead Creative Team Meetings


Creative meetings make me think of the song, "Bridge Over Troubled Water."

In fact, you could chalk that up for just about any human gathering.

I'm not claiming to have discovered the cure for meetings, but ...

... the disease certainly seems self-evident, if we're willing to be honest.

Especially today, when we're all strung out on staring at screens all day.

Meetings need to happen. If you're the leader, you want them to go well.

But for the most part, it feels like they're becoming "whi…

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How To Spot Viral PTSD with Victor Marx


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Victor Marx, founder of All Things Possible Ministries joins me today on Influencer Networking Secrets. Today’s guest is also a former United States Marine and martial arts instructor who currently leads efforts to rescue women and children being sex trafficked. Victor overcame harrowing trauma in his early life. He’s used that that as fuel to help over 43,000 women and children so far. Listen to his impressive story and gain key takeaways like



  • PRACTICAL steps for re…

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"Halfway There" with Eric Nevins

Halfway There with Eric Nevins


Paul Edwards is an executive ghostwriter, CEO, bestselling author and host of “Influencer Networking Secrets” podcast. Today, Paul shares the story of finding Christ at a lonely time, struggling with pride in his work life, and the communities that changed the course of his life. Paul knows the value of a great connection and today, he’s using skills he learned in insurance to serve others. Paul’s story reminds us that we’re all God’s children with a calling to serve.

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The Laws of Social Gravity with Jason Lauritsen

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Are you investing in your connections? What if I told you that doing so could change your life forever? That’s what it did for today’s guest, Jason Lauritsen. He’s seen time and again that following the 6 Laws of Social Gravity can have massive payoffs. As I’m always trying to more effectively be a magnet, instead of a pusher, I had Jason on the Influencer Networking Secrets Podcast to talk about what he’s noticed about relationships in business. You’ll also learn about



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CEO Diary - Day 14 - Very Seldom Idle


There is a kind of busy-ness that is very good ... and quite exhausting.

It's not the kind where you work all day and get nothing done. I'm past that.

I'm describing here the frenetic pace of doing things that move the needle.

In my case - networking, building relationships and leading my team.

Where it works and leads to growth, I celebrate and work to prove worthy.

And where it seems not to work, I've learned to respond appropriately.

When things fail, wisdom reminds us, "Don't get angry…

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