"The Plan B Podcast" - Pride Comes Before the Fall


On the surface, Paul is the typical successful entrepreneur. A charismatic leader and loving family father who seems to have achieved everything that life has to offer. He's precisely the type of person that I created this podcast for. Because behind the perfectly polished facade lies a recovering egomaniac with an incredible story to tell. 

We'll talk about:

  • the million ways to screw it up and the few ways to get it right
  • the importance of giving genuinely 
  • the c…

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"Audience Converter" with Kimberly Weitkamp


In this episode, Kimberly Weitkamp and Paul Edwards discuss:

From recovering insurance salesman to master networker

Changing the conversation around networking

How to brand your value

Key Takeaways

Principle of reciprocity

How to create a walking, talking billboard

The slow and steady approach to conversion

The parallels between insurance and ghostwriting

The power of being present

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"Authentic Conversations" with Ryan James Miller


Paul Edwards leads “The Ghost & The Machine,” a TEAM of writers, graphic artists, publishing and marketing strategists. They work with servant-leader influencers, executives, coaches and consultants, delivering DONE-FOR-YOU content, marketing assets and finesse with words that spur RESULTS.

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Paul and his team for the last few years, enabling me to produce high-quality content for all of my platforms.

On this episode of Authentic Co…

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"Halfway There" with Eric Nevins

Halfway There with Eric Nevins


Paul Edwards is an executive ghostwriter, CEO, bestselling author and host of “Influencer Networking Secrets” podcast. Today, Paul shares the story of finding Christ at a lonely time, struggling with pride in his work life, and the communities that changed the course of his life. Paul knows the value of a great connection and today, he’s using skills he learned in insurance to serve others. Paul’s story reminds us that we’re all God’s children with a calling to serve.

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A Life and A Living Podcast with John Murphy

Watch Here 


What We Talked About in This Episode:

  • Tips about effective networking
  • How to build influence
  • Marketing yourself instead of your products
  • Being an effective networker
  • Strategies of networking your target
  • Book recommendations and daily rituals


Connect with John Murphy:

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Dad Hackers Podcast with Patrick Antonucci


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Paul Edwards wears many hats–best selling author, podcast host, professional ghostwriter. Husband,father, older brother to younger men. Amateur theologian, men’s physique competitor, voice mimic and recovering insurance salesman. A first-generation Spanish-speaking immigrant to the US with African heritage and Middle East combat experience, Paul’s lived in five different countries, speaks two languages and holds three passports. Paul does two things well: words and people…

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Profit Answer Man Podcast with Rocky Lalvani



More about making profitability simple: http://profitcomesfirst.com/
Questions: questions@profitanswerman.com
Email: rocky@profitcomesfirst.com
Profit Answer Man Facebook group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/profitanswerman
My podcast about living a richer more meaningful life: http://richersoul.com/
First 2 chapter of Profit First: https://mailchi.mp/1bf6b892deda/profitfirst
Any financial advice is for educational purposes only and you should consult with an expert for your specific needs…

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Kingdom Driven Entrepreneur: Overcoming Egotism to Embrace God's Best in Business



This was one for the ages. Recorded just after the drought ended.

Can you remember when you finally stopped the bleeding, and started winning?

It was no coincidence to end up on the Kingdom Driven Entrepreneur Podcast.

My friend Shae Bynes did a wonderful job interviewing.

But to go before an audience of mainly fellow Christians and testify ...

... that this victory was primarily spiritual, over my pride and ego ...

... that was something else.

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