The Lucky Titan Podcast | How to Leverage Your Worst Failures Into Your Best Wins

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It was a privilege to appear on the Lucky Titan Podcast with Josh Tapp! We had a fantastic discussion about my foremost area of expertise … FAILURE!

Josh did an outstanding job of probing for the gems of my book and podcast.

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Podcast: Influencer...

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The Las Vegas Morning Blend


A privilege to appear alongside KTNV anchors JJ Snyder and Shawn Tempesta to discuss the power of the networking secrets I teach in "Business Beyond Business"!

We chatted about:

  • The role of effective communication in business
  • The 5 Tips of Networking with Dream Connections
  • How to build influence in the marketplace
  • How to deal with people saying "No" for entrepreneurs 

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Leaders of Transformation: Becoming a Radically Generous Entrepreneur

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There is far more to business than making money. Money is simply the reward that follows doing business well.

Be a magnet not a pusher.

Instead of always talking about how great is your company, spend time talking about how great other people’s businesses and services are.

Exhibit a greater than average curiosity about other business owners; how their business came to be and what problem their products and services solve.

Not for profit is for profit....

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Business Networking - KTVB Boise, Idaho

It was a privilege to appear with Mellisa Paul of KTVB in Boise, Idaho to discuss Business Networking for my first TV interview!

Hat tip to my awesome team at Best Seller Publishing for setting it up!

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Going North Podcast | "Episode 180 - Business Beyond Business"

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Dominique Brightmon and I had a great conversation about "Business Beyond Business" on his "Going North" podcast show. A certified John Maxwell speaker, author and longtime fellow disciple, Dom and I got on very well in placing my book in its most accurate and biblical perspective.


Check out more of Dom's podcast episodes and learn more about him HERE!

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Exsellence Mindset Podcast | The Humility of Silence and Asking Questions

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I met Ryan Miller via LinkedIn and we became fast friends through interviewing each other for podcasts. Ryan has an amazing story, and in this episode of his show, "The Exsellence Mindset Podcast," we dug deep into some very important disciplines for marketers and salespeople.


In this episode of the Exsellence Mindset podcast, Paul and I talked about the ways his military experience developed his ability to coach and lead others. We dug into many keys for successful...

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YouX Podcast | On Building Relationships That Directly Grow Your Bottom Line



Matt Johnson is one of the sharpest minds I know in online entrepreneurship. Host of the YouX Podcast and agency principal for Pursuing Results in San Diego, Matt is always ten steps ahead on strategic thinking when it comes to podcasting, publicity and monetization.

Ready to 10X your visibility and be FIRST in your category?

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How to Get Featured On the Right Podcasts & Leverage Outside Audiences to Grow Your Business


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PowerUpForProfits | Become An In-Demand Serial Podcast Guest

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Kathleen and I connected over LinkedIn a short time ago, and she appeared on Influencer Networking Secrets. I was fascinated by her story of competing in triathlons at the tender age of sixty-five.

It was an honor to be among those she considered as experts in sifting through a litany of potential podcast guests. We had a terrific exchange about how to outfit oneself for prime consideration as a guest.

One of the best ways to gain massive visibility fast is to be a featured...

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Smart Business Revolution | Operation Iraqi Freedom, Quadriplegic Multimillionaires and Networking with Influencers



I've known John Corcoran since 2014, when I first encountered his material online as I searched for advice on networking and building relationships.

Early this year, I invited him to appear on Influencer Networking Secrets, and we had him back recently to discuss his rich experiences in fostering business relationships that deliver results.

Sponsor: Rise25

This episode is sponsored by Rise25 Media, the done-for-you lead generation service to get you a steady flow of new leads,...

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