Why You Must Teach What You Learn

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Not so long ago, we drove north to Seattle with my eleven-year old son and his friend in tow. The destination was a training facility called Driveline Baseball.

There we bought him a kit that includes some stretch bands for opening up and a series of light-to-heavy rubber balls for practicing throwing and pitching.

The idea is to accustom the body to over- or under-working when throwing a baseball.

Upon our return, as we set up his pitching net, my son asked,...

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How to Make Your Call Irresistible (Mostly)


It's hard enough to deliver what the marketplace wants. It's even harder if you don't bother asking them.

I observed this in a recent conversation I had with a friend who purchased my books. Names are substituted; the substance of our exchange is real.

I've known Jim for many years. We've influenced each other's personal and professional lives. His business provides logistical support to health clubs for collecting member dues and facilitates engagement between clubs and members.

We were on...

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On Going Forward

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One of the most important things my coach Vince Del Monte ever said to me was "What got you to where you are ... will not get you to where you want to go."

At the time, I think he was being optimistic. In the early months of 2018, I was six years into a career as an insurance salesman that was going absolutely nowhere. I'd ground and slaved my way through half a decade dialing for dollars, hustling at trade shows and business networking. I worked around the clock, the length of the calendar...

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How to Serve Humanity ... Really ... No, I'm Not Kidding.

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How do you, personally, serve humanity?

A hat tip to my friend Rabbi Daniel Lapin for teaching me to ask the question of others. I took it a step further and asked it of myself.

I know this is a hackneyed conversation piece. Everybody and their mother wants to talk about their levels of service ... while almost nobody seems capable of providing anything like what they brag about.

So it's time for a story. But first, a shameless plug to better ... "serrrrrrrrve" you.

Click Here to...

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A Gift For Others Through You

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I had a strange dream last night. You interpreters out there are welcome to comment below.

For 20 years now, I've lived from completely the opposite point of view I was raised on concerning money, capitalism, private enterprise and entrepreneurship. From my point of view, anyone who succeeds in delivering a desired product, service or outcome to the marketplace deserves as much monetary applause as they can handle.

Anyone, that is, except for me.

Or so my dream seems to have indicated. I'll...

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On Friendship

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In twelve years on Facebook, I'd never done a "friend purge." We'd probably laugh now to think that back in the early 2010s, it was a phony sign of how influential you were to have a multitude of friends.

Some of the dumbest things you could do with social media ... I did them! I went on friend request rampages, trying to reach as many people as I could to sell them insurance.

It's a point of contrast to consider that, in 2014, I was on a mission to have over 2000 Facebook friends ... and...

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What We Think We Know (That Just Ain't So)

I attended a Toastmasters group this week where I was the only entrepreneur present, and it showed when the topic turned to the meaning and significance of Labor Day.

Then I fielded a message from an author of a self-published book with a very limited understanding of the publishing world. They asked to be connected with my publisher for consideration of their work to be promoted.

(They knew about the success of my book; they didn't realize writing books isn't a moneymaker, if it ever was).

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How to Be Serpents and Doves in Coaching, Management and Leadership Development

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What did twenty years in college, military, sales, marketing, church and mastermind environments teach me?

My default settings in relating to people are wise as doves, and harmless as serpents - meaning random, and destructive to boot.

Whether giving business advice, leadership development, or simply with skills in video, audio, writing and presentation - there's a lot left to be desired by the traditional "shotgun" approach to communications.


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Jesus may have told his disciples...

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How to Talk Yourself Into a Deal By Taking Yourself Out of It

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I often say the best way to find good reasons to do business is by first finding and eliminating reasons not to do it.


This is a variation on a theme descended from the Book of Genesis; we are, as human beings, defined to a significant extent by what we are not (animals) as by what we are (creatures that share some characteristics and traits of animals, but fashioned and formed by the hands and in the image of God).


Another One of Paul’s Stories


(Actually this...

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