Capturing Your Profitable Voice: Monetize the Abundance In Your Head (Using a Little-Known Advantage)


Along the road to your success, you've acquired an unfair advantage.

Perhaps you started out by yourself, doing all the work in your organization.

Or maybe you entered it, carrying the burden of hope for a company in trouble.

Whatever the story, smart money would invest in building you as a leader.

Your hush-hush approach lets your work speak for itself, and it pays to know you.

You're a servant leader. Your story goes mostly untold, your secrets unexplored.

It's a matter of character for …

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CEO Diary - The NEW Nine-To-Five


It's fitting to write this on the occasion of Daylight Savings Day in 2021.

When I was young, the term "nine-to-five" was derisive, like a prison sentence.

Looking back on some of the jobs I did, there was a burden in such work ...

... but it's mainly self-imposed, if you ask me. American jobs are not slave labor.

In other words, the "prison camp" in which I labored was in my own mind.

I was the prisoner there ... but I was also the warden, and the guard.

Then I turned a corner in my early…

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How to Lead Creative Team Meetings


Creative meetings make me think of the song, "Bridge Over Troubled Water."

In fact, you could chalk that up for just about any human gathering.

I'm not claiming to have discovered the cure for meetings, but ...

... the disease certainly seems self-evident, if we're willing to be honest.

Especially today, when we're all strung out on staring at screens all day.

Meetings need to happen. If you're the leader, you want them to go well.

But for the most part, it feels like they're becoming "whi…

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CEO Diary - Day 14 - Very Seldom Idle


There is a kind of busy-ness that is very good ... and quite exhausting.

It's not the kind where you work all day and get nothing done. I'm past that.

I'm describing here the frenetic pace of doing things that move the needle.

In my case - networking, building relationships and leading my team.

Where it works and leads to growth, I celebrate and work to prove worthy.

And where it seems not to work, I've learned to respond appropriately.

When things fail, wisdom reminds us, "Don't get angry…

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CEO Diary - Day 12 - Sowing and Weeping


Sometimes, I like to think I know more about selling value than I actually do.

My first interactions with the concept came from the insurance world.

"Don't compete on price," my superiors would say. "Sell the value instead."

Their concept of "value" was as vague and meaningless as it sounded.

"We're a local agency," they'd say. "Tell them we're in their neighborhood."

I'd behold our 200 local competitors and think, "Are we the only game in town?"

"We're a Fortune 100 company" was another o…

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CEO Diary - Day 11 - Now and Later


How do you view it when you do everything "right," and it still doesn't work?

I had a big account in my sights. There wasn't a competitor anywhere nearby.

And yet, it didn't happen. What do you do with this, as a leader?

Interpreting these scenarios the wrong way can cause tremendous damage.

The day will come when I have a sales team. Right now, it's on me to make hay.

Days like this will influence how I impart culture to my future business developers.

What can you say, when it's a perfect…

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Marketing/Communications CEO Diary - Day 10 - Context


Can you tell when you're in the "target audience" of a message?

I mean, there are obvious situations everyone can discern.

I am not part of the target audience for Woman's Day magazine.

My sons, ages 12 and 10, are not poster boy readers for AARP magazine.

But other scenarios aren't so clear, especially for entrepreneurs and leaders.

Recently, I took part in a discussion group that made for a great example.

After three years of self-employment, I'm used to being the "rookie" in the room.

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Marketing/Communications CEO Diary - Day 9 - Affirmations


How often should a leader go through rituals of affirmation?

There I go, asking a question to which there's no singular answer.

Some say it's a daily thing, and most "experts" would agree.

definitely agree it's important to write down and verbalize your identity.

But I'm wary of verbal practices that gurus say you should do "every day."

Some daily habits can't (or at least shouldn't) wait until the next day.

You have to brush your teeth, put on clean clothes, comb your hair ...

... but …

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Marketing/Communications CEO Diary - Day 8 - Expansion Team


Do you name things before they happen, or afterward?

Both work, in different situations. I have my fair share of "misnomers."

"Creative agency CEO" kept gnawing away at me ... because of the market.

The marketplace has a way of obliquely telling us what they want.

We simply choose to ignore them most of the time ... hence, we suffer.

We're surprised that what we consider our "magnum opus" ... can't draw flies.

But we fail to notice that the market seldom rejects us as people.

I've been to…

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Diary of a Creative Agency CEO - Day 7 - 60 to Zero


This past week, I interviewed a new prospective client as a podcast guest.

The subject was mindset, and all its subcategories we never think about.

I've learned mindset goes beyond "cognitive," or logic.

It's also physiological, neurochemical, social and linguistic.

Multidimensional, just like the human beings governed by it.

My guest said this is why we feel "exhausted" after learning new information.

We're causing our mindset to fire across multiple wavelengths.

Knowing this, it isn't h…

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