How to Network with Dream Connections - Rule #3

The Scout: Keep Your Ear to the Ground

You know what's much easier than looking out for your own interests?

That's right. Looking out for someone else's interests instead.

It's the most counterintuitive thing in the world. The best way to look out

for "Number One" is to trust that God will provide someone to look out for

you, while you look out for one of His other children.


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 How, you ask? It's funny how much is right underneath our noses when

we're willing to take a look....

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How to Network with Dream Connections - Rule #2

Have you ever gone fly fishing? I personally haven't, so this is built largely from

reading the works of people who do it all the time. But it's a good figure of speech.


My Boring Fishing Story

The only entertaining story I have about fishing is that I never caught a single

fish, until I took my kids to a trout farm in Oregon back in 2016. By that

time, I could attest to having survived two tours of duty in Iraq, living in five different

countries and over 10 years of marriage to one...

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How to Network with Dream Connections - Rule #1

You just don't know where networking can take place, or what it entails.

I can only tell you that you must do it, consistently, because the moment will come.

You'll be in the company of someone with the power to elevate your game ...

... but if you don't understand how networking works, you'll miss the moment.

Don't be the guy or gal who doesn't know what to say.

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Rule #1 is Focus on the Farm Team.

I'm elevating this to the top rule because it leads to all the others.

If you do this for...

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Unsaid. Unplayed. Unwritten. Priceless.

In a recent podcast interview with Marion Cain, he said something that stuck with me.

"You understand the silence in between the words," he said.

He went on to say that master musicians know the real music is in notes not played.

What do you think he meant by that?


Elsewhere, the coronavirus scare gave me some spiritual golden opportunities like

you cannot imagine. One of them has been driving a deep wedge into the burgeoning

pride of my two sons, who are shaping up to be as prideful and...

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One Size Doesn't Fit .. At All

Wouldn't it have been nice to get a passing grade for truancy back in the day?

I remember the spring and summer of 1998 quite well ... I spent most of it ditching class.

But I had to show up enough times to at least get a "C" grade. So I went occasionally.

passing grade.gif

With my fifth-grader ending his elementary school years under the coronavirus cloud ... 

... we're witnessing the first case of truancy by the education system itself.

Our local districts announced kids would not return to class...

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How to Polarize for Success

I had a great time at Podfest in Orlando, Florida a couple of weeks ago.

It was a huge conference with opportunities to meet new people and catch up with friends.

As the event unfolded, I followed my typical strategic approach to networking. I found my tribe and leveraged introductions from them.

But something new started to happen as well. Something I hadn’t anticipated.

I received several unsolicited approaches from people who self-described as far more introverted than me.

initiating conversations.gif


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The Lifestyle of Confession and Surrender

I recall advice that seemed wise when I first heard it. “Laugh,” my father told me, “and the world laughs with you. Cry, and you cry alone.”

Here’s another well-meant but misguided belief: “Never let ‘em see you cry.” Most men, especially, are raised that way.

These were the insipid sayings of a generation that drank the Kool-Aid, about themselves. They saw their ascendancy as messianic.

Their culture was based on appearances, positions, titles...

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Relationships in 2020

The day everything changed for me was a completely normal one. Most are. Good or otherwise, extraordinary days usually begin on ordinary footings.

After 17 months of drought, trial, error, failure, despair and hope - I had finally closed my first high-ticket client. My business was … in business.

Of all the exciting realities that come with getting embraced by target clients, I could only point to one moment during the day that spelled out the source of everything else.

It had nothing...

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Compressing Files

I recently spoke with the leader of a thriving community outreach ministry.

There’s never just “one reason” for success or failure in business, ministry or career.

He mentioned, however, a strategy that was working wonders.

Volunteers and board members burn out quickly in nonprofit, charitable work.

Usually, the organization saddles them with too many duties.

Not this man. He told me, “I refuse to ask people to serve outside their spiritual gifts.

"If they’re...

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You Are NOT Your Customer

What do NASA, the NFL and the news all have in common, aside from beginning with the same letter?

None of them cater to YOU as the primary customer.

Oh, they have customers all right ... just not you. The average citizen.

To be clear: you are the consumer ... just not the customer.

Which begs the question ... do you know who YOUR customer is?

Take it from a guy who's wasted a LOT of time and money on chasing a customer he couldn't identify.

Life and business are much easier when you're...

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