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We’re ushering in 2021 with a bang! 2020 seemingly robbed so many of their dreams. Oddly enough, that’s exactly what happened to today’s guest over a decade ago. Prince Daniels, Jr. achieved his goal of playing NFL football, only for that dream to stolen by injury. Post-injury, he faced immense personal struggle, including identity crisis and attempted suicide. Daniels found renewed vision and purpose and helps others through mindfulness, meditation and inner integration of the human personality. Strap up your helmet and get out there! It’s time for 2021’s first episode of Influencer Networking Secrets!


  • What led Prince to discover, practice and PRIORITIZE meditation
  • How meditation and mindfulness make top performers EVEN BETTER
  • Why mindfulness is both “POWER” and “PEACE” for athletes and entrepreneurs – and the DANGERS of having an imbalance of the two
  • The COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE waiting for those willing to make mindfulness part of their lifestyle




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