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Charlie Mechem, Bestselling author, former CEO of the Taft Broadcasting Company and one-time commissioner of the Ladies Professional Golf Association, joins us for this episode of Influencer Networking Secrets. Charlie’s here to show you how to “Become a Curator” of amazingly powerful and highly connective stories. This episode is an instant classic on how to select and share the best story for any situation you find yourself in. This will make you, your stories, and your business stick with people long after that conversation is over. Let’s get to it!


In this episode:

  • The IMMEASURABLE Power and Advantages you’ll gain by telling good stories
  • How to easily and accurately discern which stories to share with any audience for the deepest impact
  • How to put miles between yourself and your competition through storytelling
  • Why stories are CRUCIAL to human existence and connectivity 


Links to Links to Charlie’s bestselling book, “Total Anecdotal,” and his podcast “15 Minutes with Charlie” HERE: 👇  

Total Anecdotal


15 Minutes with Charlie

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