How to Network with Dream Connections - Rule #4

Have you ever wondered why Dream Connections "don't network?"

I mean, they network ... but not at chamber forums or Rotary clubs.

They network among each other, much like highly skilled professionals do.

Leave aside time and the incongruence of mingling with part-time MLMers.

Isn't it a bit shallow of us to chalk it up to elitism or contempt for average joes?

It's time we probed deeper into the spiritual reality of this, if we want to overcome it.




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The Spirit of Their Success


In a departure from the herd, I think influential people have different reasons for this.

One of them that's most obvious, if we're willing to consider it ...

Prominence and success is the result when you "scale" adding value to people.

You take the long road and do the hard work of figuring out how to mass-market.

You get paid handsomely for it, but it changes the way you think.

So that the average person you meet "thinks" not too slow, but too fast.

They skip over important details and leave a lot of things unresolved, or to chance.

Dream Connections don't have the luxury of thinking that way.


So what does this mean for you, as the relationship builder?

One thing's for sure: you don't have the luxury of "parlor tricks" to get their attention.

But neither are you crippled by lack of a doctorate or Skull & Bones membership.

In fact, you can adapt the secret of Done-For-You Publicity to set yourself apart.

In even better news, most of your competitors and other networkers don't know this.

In even-even better news, most of them don't want to know it.


i don't want to know.gif


Isn't that good to hear? You're going to be in a class by yourself when you follow

these simple steps of Done-For-You Publicity with prominent and influential

people you meet.


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Seven Ways to Provide Done-For-You Publicity


Now, my friend John Corcoran of the Smart Business Revolution has the goods on

this. (I stole this from him verbally, after I'd already stolen it from him without having

words to articulate it. That doesn't matter, however, because he ALSO stole them

from someone else and he's an attorney. So there.)


Here they are:

  1. Record a video review of their product or book
  2. Ask for an interview
  3. "Buy" some of their time
  4. Meet at a conference
  5. Reach out using a heartfelt letter
  6. Look for mutual friends
  7. Honor them with an award

I have done all seven of these for various people ... but can't always produce links.

To get on their radar, these are essential building blocks. Now, if you've

paid attention to the other rules for networking with Dream Connections, you may not

need to use all of these. They're interchangeable, depending on the situation. But

they all tend to have the same positive effect as you fortify your position for the day

you approach with an offer.


There's more where this came from, and for the full version, I recommend you sign

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