Becoming a King with Morgan Snyder

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Are you ready to take the long road and forgo the shortcuts to becoming a Radically Generous Entrepreneur? If so, you may want the help of a deep dive into what that looks like, and you can find it in the newest book by my guest, Morgan Snyder of Ransomed Heart Ministries.

Morgan joins us from Colorado Springs, where his book “Becoming a King” becomes available on Amazon May 26th of 2020. In it, Morgan shares the deep, enriching substance of over 20 years’ sojourn as an apprentice to God and older men in the Kingdom. He personifies and digs deep into a principle that dovetails with Chapter 6 of Influencer Networking Secrets – The Curator. We will become defined by the people who surround us – and we reap in the next decade what we sow in this one! 

Morgan serves on the executive leadership team of Ransomed Heart, where he has led retreats and events for men for two decades. He is the architect and steward of Become Good Soil, a sub-set of Ransomed Heart’s outreach aimed specifically at men in their thirties, who are busy becoming the kings of tomorrow. Morgan lives in the suburbs of Colorado Springs with his wife, Cherie, and their two children. Every chance he gets, you can find him in the wilderness. 

“Find like-hearted kings living in the same direction. Sign treaties. When one kingdom is at war, both are at war.” – Dan Allender 

In this episode:

  • The question every man brings to the world – and how we answer it presents us with a choice between humility and humiliation
  • The vanity of setting out to “make a name for yourself” – how the work you bring to the world is never truly offered with the wrong motives!
  • The deep interconnectedness that eludes so many people – and the profound, eternal riches you can access by getting OUT of the rat race
  • How curating your tribe begins with PAIN, not profit – and why you can’t curate them unless you have more QUESTIONS than answers 


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