Alchemy Networks with Dov Gordon



How do you build a network of peers, prospects or promoters when you’re not a charismatic online celebrity? Dov Gordon, the Alchemist Entrepreneur and principal at Profitable Relationships, joins us to discuss the powerful concept of Alchemy Networks, which is cut from the same cloth as Chapter Six of Influencer Networking Secrets – “The Curator.”

 Dov and I connected through Dan Kuschell, a future guest on the show. In addition to leading his Alchemy Networks, Dov also coaches entrepreneurs on how to start their own. If you are an expert, consultant or entrepreneur bursting at the seams with knowledge, experience and sincere curiosity about others … but you don’t have a super-sized bullhorn – I recommend contacting Dov and learning from him how to become an “Under-The-Radar Leader” in your industry!

“As entrepreneurs, we have two options. We can skid across the surface, and we’ll get some business. Or we can learn to see the underlying structure of our situation, and then leverage it.”

– Dov Gordon


In this episode:

  • The powerful spiritual parallel hidden in the definition of the word “alchemy,” in relation to chemistry – what you can set in motion by going deep to find something valuable
  • How you can STOP losing prospects and connections – Alchemy Networks’ strategic “high road” to bypass the sales conversation
  • Why owning your network is like owning the casino
  • How experts let imposter syndrome deter them … why your competitors cannot overcome a network built on authentic connections
  • The two things you need to be absolutely clear on to start your own Alchemy Network



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