How to Polarize for Success

I had a great time at Podfest in Orlando, Florida a couple of weeks ago.

It was a huge conference with opportunities to meet new people and catch up with friends.

As the event unfolded, I followed my typical strategic approach to networking. I found my tribe and leveraged introductions from them.

But something new started to happen as well. Something I hadn’t anticipated.

I received several unsolicited approaches from people who self-described as far more introverted than me.

initiating conversations.gif

Anytime things begin to “happen for me” without effort, my radar goes up.

Especially consistent approaches from introverted people. It means I’m “sub-communicating,” as my friend Marion Cain puts it.

Neither words nor body language are front-and-center here. This takes place through silent, invisible, soul-level “airwaves,” if you will.

The Invisible Magnetic Field

Magnets are mainly known for attraction. They create an irresistible “pull.” 

But magnets also repel. This depends on how they work together to convert “potential” energy into “kinetic” energy.

In layman’s terms, this means magnets can “conflict” with one another. They convert energy better apart. 

The further away they are from each other, the more “power” each magnet has.

So maybe you already see it … what spiritual reality do physical laws teach us this month?

Your ability to polarize as a professional creates both attraction and repulsion.

If you can soberly assess yourself, then you can figure out who complements you (and by extension, who doesn’t).

But, maybe you’ve been trying to attract people you’re supposed to repel, and vice versa.

not you.gif

The marriage failure rate is a good example of this.

Would you agree there are many couples whose main incentive for getting married was a lack of physical intimacy?

I know it was a priority for me. But I was willing to suppress it in my single years.

The willingness to adopt some of the behaviors, habits and traits of my magnetic OPPOSITE is what brought me my bride.

Instead of behaving like the roving, socially extroverted man that I am, I settled for pre-marital monasticism. 

I didn’t date, I didn’t ask, I forsook clubs and parties. I focused on serving and presenting a tidy, organized and self-disciplined life. 

My polar opposite does those things. As an article of faith, I’ve discovered.

About a year later, Shannon showed up. You talk about a Blue Ocean Strategy … I had ZERO competitors for the most beautiful girl in the church.

blue ocean.gif

So, as you strive to become magnetic and polarizing, remember this.

You need to learn who you are, and how you express your identity … so you can learn your opposite, and adopt some of their ways into your system.

Think of this the next time you’re at a conference.

(Assuming, of course, that they resume once our global panic attack subsides).


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