Your Authentic Growth Blueprint with Dr. Andy Garrett



Dr. Andy Garrett joins this episode to talk about his new online course, “Your Authentic Growth Blueprint.”

One of my top ghostwriting clients, Andy and I have collaborated on a lot of writing about the importance of identity and authenticity.

Having a strong, genuine blueprint of who you are and what your purpose will go a long way in becoming a magnet rather than remaining a pusher. 

“The very first question people hear in the course is, ‘Who Am I?’ The next one is ‘What’s my purpose?’” – Dr. Andy Garrett


In this episode:

How answering the questions “Who Am I?” and “What’s my purpose?” make life extraordinarily, incredibly simple and serene

How our capacity to adapt to environments make us susceptible to getting into work, relationships and environments that are destructive 

The central importance of making decisions and acting from internal, intrinsic motivations as opposed to doing them for payments/rewards/recognition 

How to define and nail down “values” that form the anchors of your identity 

How everyone needs a “sage” in their lives who bestows love, appreciation and patience


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