Season #2:1 - Payback with Safwan Shah



Much as his company, PayActiv, brought a powerful tide of noble ingenuity to bear on the longstanding problem of Americans living paycheck to paycheck, Safwan Shah’s interview on Influencer Networking Secrets built up to a rolling boil of eagerness to redeem a tradition marked by greed and negligence.

 As no employer would seriously consider the prospect of paying two weeks in advance for labor not rendered … why then do American workers accept the prospect of rendering two weeks of labor and waiting to get paid?

Well, until PayActiv came along, they didn’t have much choice.

As founder and CEO of PayActiv, Safwan took decades of Silicon Valley technological ingenuity and married it with a profound conscience toward the plight of America’s Third World – its working class underbelly.

PayActiv’s $5, pay-as-you-go technology and zero-cost-to-employer relationships sprung a litany of imitators which now beckons the entire free market to pay its frontline employees as quickly as it pays its executives and senior leaders.

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