Leaders of Transformation: Becoming a Radically Generous Entrepreneur

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There is far more to business than making money. Money is simply the reward that follows doing business well.

Be a magnet not a pusher.

Instead of always talking about how great is your company, spend time talking about how great other people’s businesses and services are.

Exhibit a greater than average curiosity about other business owners; how their business came to be and what problem their products and services solve.

Not for profit is for profit. If all we’re ever doing is selling our goods and services for profit, there’s still a gap we leave, and by extension we also leave money on the table.

Going out and working with other entrepreneurs, leaders, and people in positions of authority to benefit people who can’t pay it back can be one of the best ways to receive a reputation, referrals and community recognition. However, that can’t be the motivation to do it.

The transition from taker to exchanger to giver is most prevalent among the very highest performers in society. 85% or more are givers. (Success Magazine)

There are always multiple ways to give – your time, talent or treasure.

On living a life of excellence – your day begins the night before.

Isolation is the enemy of excellence. (Aaron Walker)

If you really want to build a muscle you must attack it from different angles. Similarly if you do not vary how you spend your day or who you spend it with, you begin to narrow the source of enrichment of your life.

The world is hungry for genuine connection. Being genuine, thorough and attentive to detail will carry you a long way in business and in life.


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