How to Make Your Sleeve Match Your Heart with Linda Potgieter

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After interviewing her husband Jan, Imperium Business Negotiations co-founder and director Linda Potgieter’s online business presence made a natural next step. Her website,, teaches people How to Match Your Sleeve with Your Heart – our topic for this episode of Influencer Networking Secrets.


Previously a member of South African President Nelson Mandela’s PR team, Linda piled up a massively successful career in Britain as a sales professional and negotiation/communication consultant for global names like World Bank, IBM, Adidas, Nestle, Pfizer and Vodafone. She also devotes a huge portion of income, time and talent toward educating entrepreneurs and professionals about attire and style via her website and online store, where she encourages women to dress for success and take pride in their bodies.


Linda and I got on like a house on fire chatting about matching your wardrobe and self-presentation to your dominant GEMS personality style! Special thanks to David De Rego for the introduction.


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