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Why Transformation Is Essential


In an age where everyone is famous for 15 seconds at best, we should expect an equally speedy assault from personal entropy.

I awoke at 2:40 this morning and my brain immediately went to work categorizing and mapping out my day.

Because I go to bed around 8:30 or 9:00 each night, I was sufficiently rested. This wasn't a huge interference.

It wasn't long, though, before I began thinking perverse sexual thoughts, brought on by old memories I wish I could erase.

Transformative Language


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Redefining "Having It All" with Diana Wu David

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Our next guest knows from personal experience that “having it all” isn’t what it’s cracked up to be. Joining us from Hong Kong, TEDx speaker, bestselling author and corporate executive consultant Diana Wu David helps her clients transition from empty success to future-proof significance.

Diana and I got acquainted through our mutual friend, Marie Incontrera. After watching her TEDx Talk I felt we need to drive this point home … the more...

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A Sea of Coaches with Lucas Rubix




“Coach.” If you’re playing sports, it’s an established and essential part of any functioning team. But in business? The glut of them in the marketplace is causing some degree of fatigue, especially when many of them don’t really know how to coach.

Lucas Rubix joins us to discuss finding your way in the Sea of Coaches. We’re going to discuss the commonalities most of them have – the rags-to-riches stories, the eureka moments, the trials...

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The Three Most Powerful Words in Persuasion

“What should I do?” asked one of my younger friends recently.

The topic for which they wanted answers isn’t important. What matters is how I responded.

I could hear the internal alarms going off inside as I stammered through the best answer I could improvise.

These alarms are God’s way of telling us, “You’re diagnosing a situation where you don’t have enough info. It’s going to backfire.”

But none of that mattered. It’s difficult for...

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Guest Blog: The Dad Who Leads By Asking Questions

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Check out The Discerning Dad Devotional Blog and Community of Discerning Leaders for this guest blog!

Recently my wife, an analytical software engineer, complained to me for the umpteenth time. Our eleven-year old son was again fighting her tooth and nail to avoid doing simple math homework.

Math is his best school subject. He loves it. But it quickly becomes the hardest one in the world if his mother sits him down to do it, when he’d rather play video games.

As my wife grumbled, I...

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Going North Podcast | "Episode 180 - Business Beyond Business"

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Dominique Brightmon and I had a great conversation about "Business Beyond Business" on his "Going North" podcast show. A certified John Maxwell speaker, author and longtime fellow disciple, Dom and I got on very well in placing my book in its most accurate and biblical perspective.


Check out more of Dom's podcast episodes and learn more about him HERE!

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Exsellence Mindset Podcast | The Humility of Silence and Asking Questions

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EM EP 50 PE.jpg


I met Ryan Miller via LinkedIn and we became fast friends through interviewing each other for podcasts. Ryan has an amazing story, and in this episode of his show, "The Exsellence Mindset Podcast," we dug deep into some very important disciplines for marketers and salespeople.


In this episode of the Exsellence Mindset podcast, Paul and I talked about the ways his military experience developed his ability to coach and lead others. We dug into many keys for successful...

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YouX Podcast | On Building Relationships That Directly Grow Your Bottom Line




Matt Johnson is one of the sharpest minds I know in online entrepreneurship. Host of the YouX Podcast and agency principal for Pursuing Results in San Diego, Matt is always ten steps ahead on strategic thinking when it comes to podcasting, publicity and monetization.

Ready to 10X your visibility and be FIRST in your category?

Click here to watch the free training: 

How to Get Featured On the Right Podcasts & Leverage Outside Audiences to Grow Your Business


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PowerUpForProfits | Become An In-Demand Serial Podcast Guest

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Kathleen and I connected over LinkedIn a short time ago, and she appeared on Influencer Networking Secrets. I was fascinated by her story of competing in triathlons at the tender age of sixty-five.

It was an honor to be among those she considered as experts in sifting through a litany of potential podcast guests. We had a terrific exchange about how to outfit oneself for prime consideration as a guest.

One of the best ways to gain massive visibility fast is to be a featured...

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Smart Business Revolution | Operation Iraqi Freedom, Quadriplegic Multimillionaires and Networking with Influencers




I've known John Corcoran since 2014, when I first encountered his material online as I searched for advice on networking and building relationships.

Early this year, I invited him to appear on Influencer Networking Secrets, and we had him back recently to discuss his rich experiences in fostering business relationships that deliver results.

Sponsor: Rise25

This episode is sponsored by Rise25 Media, the done-for-you lead generation service to get you a steady flow of new leads,...

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