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"The Plan B Podcast" - Pride Comes Before the Fall


On the surface, Paul is the typical successful entrepreneur. A charismatic leader and loving family father who seems to have achieved everything that life has to offer. He's precisely the type of person that I created this podcast for. Because behind the perfectly polished facade lies a recovering egomaniac with an incredible story to tell. 

We'll talk about:

  • the million ways to screw it up and the few ways to get it right
  • the importance of giving genuinely 
  • the c…

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The Motivational Listener with Scott Smith


Are you ready to take a deep dive into your own network? That’s what today’s guest Scott Smith is going to show you how to do. Scott considers himself a motivational listener. You’d be wise to hear his insight on how listening can change the way you speak and deliver your products or services. That’s right. You can do more for your network and clients by listening! A shocking concept, I know. But stick around for the entirety of this episode of Influencer Networking Sec…

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Essentials For Starting A Podcast In 2021 with Adam Schaeuble

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Podcast monetization expert, Adam Schaeuble is my guest on this round of Influencer Networking Secrets! Just about anybody can flap their gums but getting paid to do so is another story. Adam and I discuss the fundamentals and more advanced techniques that will help you turn your podcast into a money-making machine. For those of you who’ve read my book, also titled Influencer Networking Secrets, you’ll see many of the pillars discussed in chapter 2, “Pro Bono Publici…

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"Audience Converter" with Kimberly Weitkamp


In this episode, Kimberly Weitkamp and Paul Edwards discuss:

From recovering insurance salesman to master networker

Changing the conversation around networking

How to brand your value

Key Takeaways

Principle of reciprocity

How to create a walking, talking billboard

The slow and steady approach to conversion

The parallels between insurance and ghostwriting

The power of being present

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"Authentic Conversations" with Ryan James Miller


Paul Edwards leads “The Ghost & The Machine,” a TEAM of writers, graphic artists, publishing and marketing strategists. They work with servant-leader influencers, executives, coaches and consultants, delivering DONE-FOR-YOU content, marketing assets and finesse with words that spur RESULTS.

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Paul and his team for the last few years, enabling me to produce high-quality content for all of my platforms.

On this episode of Authentic Co…

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Negotiating with Goliath with Alistair McBride

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Former art dealer and current negotiation coach Alistair McBride is my guest on this episode of Influencer Networking Secrets. We discuss the finer points of being a magnet, instead a pusher. This is a topic I cover heavily in Chapter 1 of Influencer Networking Secrets, the book. We’ll show you the advantages of being the person the other party needs you to be in negotiations. This works much better than trying to get everything you want all the time. You’ll also hear insight on…

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Capturing Your Profitable Voice: Monetize the Abundance In Your Head (Using a Little-Known Advantage)


Along the road to your success, you've acquired an unfair advantage.

Perhaps you started out by yourself, doing all the work in your organization.

Or maybe you entered it, carrying the burden of hope for a company in trouble.

Whatever the story, smart money would invest in building you as a leader.

Your hush-hush approach lets your work speak for itself, and it pays to know you.

You're a servant leader. Your story goes mostly untold, your secrets unexplored.

It's a matter of character for …

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The Dogfight For Human Attention with Wes Woodhouse

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Fellow military man and mastermind aficionado Wes Woodhouse joins me on this episode of Influencer Networking Secrets. Wes is driven to build up the next generation of leaders. With that goal in mind, he shows his peers and those under his command the value of attention to detail. Without such focus, fighter pilots are prone to mistakes. When you’re in a fighter jet battling the enemy, there’s no room for error. Wes is going to tell you how to bring your best self into any momen…

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CEO Diary - The NEW Nine-To-Five


It's fitting to write this on the occasion of Daylight Savings Day in 2021.

When I was young, the term "nine-to-five" was derisive, like a prison sentence.

Looking back on some of the jobs I did, there was a burden in such work ...

... but it's mainly self-imposed, if you ask me. American jobs are not slave labor.

In other words, the "prison camp" in which I labored was in my own mind.

I was the prisoner there ... but I was also the warden, and the guard.

Then I turned a corner in my early…

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