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Another Complicated Process Made Simple with Ilya Bodner



Ilya Bodner, founder and CEO of Bold Penguin, joins me in crossing the inviolable line of the insurance business – NEVER talk about insurance! 

Relax, we won’t be discussing coverages. We are going to talk, however, of an industry that embraces change slower than a snail migrating from Bolivia to the Caspian Sea. We’ll learn how Ilya’s company is drastically shrinking the time it normally takes for commercial brokers to quote coverage for small...

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Relationships in 2020

The day everything changed for me was a completely normal one. Most are. Good or otherwise, extraordinary days usually begin on ordinary footings.

After 17 months of drought, trial, error, failure, despair and hope - I had finally closed my first high-ticket client. My business was … in business.

Of all the exciting realities that come with getting embraced by target clients, I could only point to one moment during the day that spelled out the source of everything else.

It had nothing...

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SEO Strategies for 2020 with Jason Berkowitz



SEO expert Jason Berkowitz joins us to talk about the evolution of optimizing your business to be found on the world wide web.

 Founder of Break the Web, Jason brings a long and varied experience with outfitting businesses to engage their target customers via search engines. We chat about the direction that’s going in 2020, and stay tuned to the end to find out how Jason would run things if he were in charge of Google! 

Visit Break the Web HERE:  


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Season #2:9 Reinventing the Meal with Poonam Vasantha Kumar



How do you fancy the idea of a home-cooked meal made by your neighbor five blocks away, delivered to your door with a few simple taps on your smartphone? Saavor founder and CEO Poonam Vasantha Kumar joins us from New York City to discuss her new app which aims to build tighter-knit communities through our shared love of different cuisines!

 One day, while completing grad studies, Poonam got a hankering for a home-cooked Indian meal, lamenting that the best she could...

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Season #2:8 Top Things to Watch for AI in 2020 with Charlie Petek



Machines talk, and they’re getting more and more fluent in basic interaction with human beings. Our guest for this episode is Charlie Petek, founder of Vybe Media and the UK’s youngest CEO.

Charlie argues that traditional rote work done by human beings will recede even further in 2020 as the relentless march of artificial intelligence displaces more and more routine, mundane jobs. Call center workers, he says, are particularly vulnerable.

The good news for...

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Season #2:7 Fatherhood in 2020 Vision with Tommy Miller



If you’re wondering about some of the deep-seated psychological obstacles to “growing up” faced by Millennials and Generation Z, Influencer Networking Secrets has some special insight this week.

Joining us is Tommy Miller, pastor of Legacy Church in New Philadelphia, Ohio and author of “Kingdom Compendium.” We got acquainted through some online groups, and cultivated a conversation about fathering and its complicated nature in the 21st Century West....

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The Lucky Titan Podcast | How to Leverage Your Worst Failures Into Your Best Wins

lucky titan podcast.jpg


It was a privilege to appear on the Lucky Titan Podcast with Josh Tapp! We had a fantastic discussion about my foremost area of expertise … FAILURE!

Josh did an outstanding job of probing for the gems of my book and podcast.

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Podcast: Influencer...

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Season #2:6 The Executive Code with Rick Watson



The most compelling executive in the room is the one fluent in both business relationships and technological process. We’re joined by one such executive in Rick Watson, now a freelance e-commerce consultant with RMW Consulting in New York City.

Rick spent his career ascending through working as a software engineer, then managing teams, then graduating to executive-level posts and eventually being promoted to CEO shortly after joining Merchantry as VP of Operations.


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Season #2:5 Podcasting in 2020 with Jordan Paris



We’re joined for this episode by Jordan Paris, host of Growth Mindset University, to discuss the booming business of podcasting in 2020. Jordan is a 22-year old author and former college athlete featured in Forbes, Men’s Health, Yahoo! Finance, Market Watch and NASDAQ.

Jordan founded the WordPress Rocketeer, where he focused on building engaging websites to launch his clients’ dreams to infinity and beyond. Now, he and his team shifted focus to marketing for...

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Season #2:4 The New American Dream with Chris Niemeyer



We’re excited to have with us Chris Niemeyer, one fourth of the Entrepreneurial Family Man Podcast and an advisor to entrepreneurs and executives to discuss the New American Dream.

 Chris and I got to know each other through our mutual friend, Patrick Antonucci of the Dad Hackers community. Originally, Chris had a successful career in San Diego as a fundraiser and organizer for the Republican Party. Then he had a dramatic career change and began Mission Travel, an...

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