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About Paul Edwards

MMS01666.jpgYoung men (ages 18-35), particularly in the industries of tech, software engineering, web development, IT and entrepreneurship are who I serve.

I wrote the international bestseller, "Business Beyond Business."

I host the "Influencer Networking Secrets" Podcast.

Day to day, I earn my keep as a professional freelance content ghostwriter for influencers, thought leaders and coaches/consultants/experts.

I've got fifteen years of marriage and eleven years of fatherhood under my belt at time of writing.

In my spare time, I like to train for and compete in bodybuilding.

At every low point of life, I've spent lengthy seasons in isolation, loneliness, shame, contempt, bitterness, estrangement and addiction. 

At every high point of my life, through the providence of Almighty God, I've received blessing after blessing from having a coach or a mastermind group at my side.

I failed to learn this lesson many times, until it sank in completely - the true measure of a man is to be found in discipleship and community.

In a harvest from the strength of strong and useful connections with the people who surround you - and how you handle the new levels to which God elevates you.

In a dogged insistence on personal growth and development, never settling or thinking one has "arrived."

And most of all, in the heart and actions of a teacher - amassing knowledge, experience and wisdom for the express purpose of spreading it, like a solitary lit candle alongside hundreds of other unlit candles in a darkened room.

Biblical wisdom reveals the Hebrew word "Torah," which we normally take to mean "the first five books of the Bible," actually means "teaching" and is a derivative of another Hebrew word, "Yarah."

"Yarah" is used elsewhere to describe the pinpoint, lethal accuracy of an expert sling shooter, like King David versus Goliath.

Which, to me, means that the heart of a teacher makes plain with a sniper's accuracy THE way God has set forth for human beings ...

... not to simply create, but to RE-CREATE.

To make their contributions, ideas and affections ring out through the sands of time, long after they've breathed their last.

Among a small, but powerful band of young men whose assembly causes darkness to flee.

Where who you are is more important than what you do.

Where service is as high on the list of priorities as learning.

Where you don't just break away from your daily humdrum routine and get refreshed by the presence of fellow, like-minded leaders ...

... but you actually get away from the pursuit of money to learn or renew your positioning for money.