Private Group or One-on-One Coaching

As a longtime student of servant leadership, entrepreneur development, leadership skills and epistemology, private coaching with Paul Edwards is akin to transformational executive coaching.

You likely fall in one or more of several categories:

  • Late-term Generation X, Millennial or Generation Z
  • Nominal or committed Judeo-Christian
  • Entrepreneur/business owner, or leader with an entrepreneurial spirit
  • Highly relational and preoccupied with aligning actions and motives
  • More skilled at your trade than with people
  • More concerned with how than with what

In other words, what you do isn’t the problem. It’s how you do it that needs outside eyes.

Coaching you consists mainly of refining character, motives and expression by probing questions and conversations where you do the majority of the talking.

Progress gets measured not so much by a quantifiable increase in productivity, but by a sensory decrease in anxiety, sleeplessness, destructive habits and behaviors.

Success usually appears as you exhibit, with increasing measure, the traits and habits of Radically Generous Entrepreneurs. We call this “3M” - you become more magnetic, magnanimous and marketable.

Complete the application below to see if coaching suits you. There are two categories: