Business Beyond Business

How to Gain Magnetic Influence, Meaningful Connection and Profitable Publicity by Becoming a Radically Generous Entrepreneur.

People who follow this way of life become:

  • Magnets Instead of Pushers
  • Pro Bono Publicists
  • People Who Profit through Involvement with Non-Profits
  • People Who Build Powerful Relationships with Powerful People
  • Persuasive Writers
  • Content and Character Curators
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To transform into the entrepreneur or leader who surpasses the money-focused basics of surviving and succeeding in business, one must prepare to transition into the stage of "significance."

Through Remaining Selfless, Communicating Effectively and Sharing Knowledge to Get Power, Radically Generous Entrepreneurs can set this spirit and mindset in motion long before their balance sheets catch up.



Paul Edwards is an author, speaker, businessman and bodybuilder based in Olympia, Washington. A graduate of Pacific Lutheran University and veteran of Operation Iraqi Freedom, Paul spent six years cultivating his insurance practice through networking, digital marketing and adding tremendous value to his key clients, allies and referral partners.

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