Learn how to assemble a legion of affiliates, supporters and partners who endorse your brand and spread your influence.

10 Secrets of Networking Success

How to Build a Network of Super Affiliates to Promote and Endorse Your Brand In Only 90 Days!

Are you confused about how to network effectively? Do you wonder why some people in groups get leads hand over fist, while you go home empty-handed? Do you struggle to stand out in a crowded field or get ignored because you’re “another one of those pushy salespeople”? You need to read “10 Secrets of Networking Success” today! In this practical guide of stories and ideas, I teach you to become a magnet for leads, referrals and recommendations, all by following the good old Golden Rule and applying it to marketing. You’ll learn to stand out in person and online. In time and with practice you will become an emblem, a mover and shaker, someone people go to when they want leadership and certainty.

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Writing and Speaking

You need help communicating your ideas, an extra set of eyes and ears that can tell you “where language ought to go.” Or you might just need someone to deliver the message

Coaching and Consulting

You need an extra set of eyes and an advanced, 21st Century marketing mindset is crucial to the success of any business today. You need an expert watching your back and thinking about how you communicate with your marketplace.

Ongoing Training and Support

You need a community of like-minded entrepreneurs, salespeople, marketers and business owners invested in learning, growing and supporting one another. A place where you make friends and connections and the wheels begin to turn for you and your business.

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Paul Edwards is an author, speaker, businessman and bodybuilder based in Olympia, Washington. A graduate of Pacific Lutheran University and veteran of Operation Iraqi Freedom, Paul spent six years cultivating his insurance practice through networking, digital marketing and adding tremendous value to his key clients, allies and referral partners.

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